Body treatments and Relaxing Massage Therapy in Paddington

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Explore our range of body treatments and Massage therapies for your well being in Paddington.

Spa Signature Massage

60 minutes – $130 / 75 minutes – $ 155

Unwind a busy mind, escape the pace of everyday life and emerge feeling refreshed, vibrating with positivism. This deeply relaxing and clarifying experience begins with a colour consultation that defines your energy state and will assist the therapist in choosing the Aromatic oil adapted to your needs.

This massage combines Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, and Olfactotherapy to help calm both body and mind.

Best Massage in paddington deep tissue relax back pain
Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy Massage in Paddington

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point therapy

 60 minutes – $130 / 90 minutes – $190

Deep Tissue massage goes beyond the surface muscles into the underlying soft tissue to treat deeper areas of muscle.
This massage is generally firm with deep, slow strokes using hands, palms, fingers, and elbows that stretch tight muscles.

This energetic treatment is ideal for those wishing to soothe and ease deep muscle tension caused by daily stresses and a high level of activity.

Full Face Fitness

60 minutes – $160 / 90 minutes $230


Full Face Fitness is a treatment that provides immediate results by increasing blood flow, enhancing tissue oxygenation giving the skin an instant glow. Combined with the power of wooden tools and a gemstone mask.

This sculptural face massage technic will lift, drain, stretch and strengthen the muscles of the face.   

A full-face massage that will give your face a boost. This face contouring treatment includes an intra-oral massage that assists in releasing tension held in all the muscles of the face. Not just an overall facelift, the full-face fitness assists in reducing jaw clench and grinding teeth.

Incredible result!!


Full Face Fitness Natural lift face massage
Aroma hot stone massage in paddington best relaxation

Aroma Hot Stone

60 minutes – $170 / 90 minutes – $230

A tradition amongst Indians from the plains consisting of a massage that uses warmth over the entire body and our Altearah organic aromatherapy oils.

This technique provides the deepest thermo-therapeutic healing, relaxes the muscles, encourages a meditative state of clarity tranquillity, and calmness.

For this massage, we use Pilbara Green, a hard marble from WA. Combined with heat, these cleansing stones are beneficial for the blood, skin, and lymphatic system. This treatment offers deep relaxation and eases muscles tension by spreading warmth over the body. 

Hot and Cold Stone

60 minutes – $170 / 90 minutes – $230

Our cold stones are from the Carrara Marble in Italy, and our hot stones are from the Pilbara region in Western Australia.

This massage helps to remove congestion in the tissue, enhances the elimination of toxins, and improves skin tone. It uses a combination of hot and cold stimulation through gemstones.

This is a powerful, soothing, and strengthening treatment that will allow your metabolism to activate its traffic by stimulating blood and lymph exchange. It helps to remove the excess build-up of lactic in the tissue hence the elimination of toxins.

This massage is highly recommended for exhausted people wishing to feel refreshed and energized.

Cold and hot stone massage in paddington relaxation best massage-min
Best Himalayan salt scrub massage in Paddington Skin Glow body Treatments

Rebalancing Ritual with Thalgo

90 minutes – $310

Chosen to suit your treatment goals, our wraps are deeply relaxing and will enhance the overall health and vitatlity of the skin. Calm your nervous system, boost cellular respiration and hasten the elimination of toxins. This wrap begin with marine prelude intense exfoliation of Dead Sea salt, highly concentrated to replenish your skin and provide an extensive healing through minerals. The Dead Sea salt will melt away with the mild temperature of our heating blanket to help with the mineral absorption, followed by personalized aroma mud wrap and signature Pour moi Foot Reflexology. This deep detoxifying combo unload the body from oxidative stress and toxins. 

The perfect treatment to recharge !

Lymphatic Drainage and Body work

60 minutes  $175 – 90 minutes  $250

This instantly effective treatment combines lymphatic drainage technics and tonic sliming bodywork.
It Improves the natural silhouette of the body by stimulating the elimination of waste built up in the tissue.

This assists in reducing fluid retention, decreasing swelling and aiding in weight loss.
This treatment alleviates, clears and re-energises tired system.

A consultation before the treatment will help us to identify your needs, thus ensuring the very best results.

Drainage lymphatic loss weight elimination cellulite heavy legs decrease swelling in Paddington
French sliming warp cold body therapy massage

Cryotherapy Body Wrap

60 minutes – $180

90 minutes $310

One of the most popular technics used in Paris,
this cooling body wrap targets cellulite, reduces water retention and improves the skin’s tone.
The cooling effect alleviates and releases toxin build-up and stimulate all exchanges in the body in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
This treatment will transform your skin’s texture.

Pregnancy Massage

60minutes – $ 160

Pregnancy is a beautiful and an exciting time in a woman’s life accompanied by constant changes in her body. Some women adapt to those changes with ease while others can experience physical and mental challenges. Pregnancy Massage is designed to relieve tension in muscles and joints, decrease swelling in the arms and legs, reduce muscle cramps, stimulate circulation and improve sleep patterns. Pregnancy Massage also provides emotional support and reduces stress, anxiety and depression and leaves women feeling pampered and relaxed.

You can totally relax on our custom-shaped pregnancy massage pillows or table!

Pregnancy massage pre natal post natal Remedial back relaxation-min